Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project FitPixie has begun!

Getting back into shape has been among the most important of things on my lists and lists of things to do.

I keep finding excuses NOT to do it. I don't have time, not enough money...

No more.

My goals are to get back into shape, tone up, lose weight...

This blog will be my chronicle of the process. Successes and failure, steps forward as well as setbacks.

I'm hoping to drop approximately 20 lbs before September. I know I'll never be one of the "skinny" girls.. I'm too curvy for that, but I want a better body. I want the body that I had when I took martial arts before.

To further my goals, I've decided to start learning KungFu. Ok, ok.. let the Matrix jokes begin. :P

My first class is tomorrow night, and I'm really psyched about it. I haven't done martial arts in a couple of years, and I've been trying and trying to get back into it. This looks like a good opportunity to do so.

I'm also looking into a set of dance classes done by the Art of the Catwalk. Those won't start for another two weeks though. I'm hoping that the Kung Fu will provide overall fitness, endurance and strength.. while the dance classes will provide flexibility and agility.

I'm also hoping that both will provide me with more self confidence. I'm tired of hating what I see in the mirror.

Every journey begins with a single step....this is mine.

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