Saturday, June 13, 2009

On working out and losing weight.

Firstly, for those that don't know...

Sex is good for you.

Duh. Right?

No seriously.

Sex also definitely trumps coffee for ways to wake up in the morning. Every time.

Fun fact:
"...Have you ever heard of the cliché, "Touch heals"? The chemical composition of your body actually changes when you are being touched. Caressing, cuddling, stroking, and hugging have the ability to change the chain of reaction of chemicals in your body. The results are awesome: strengthened emotional bonds and improvement of overall health and mood.

Does sex play a significant role in weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels? Yes it does. The average amount of calories burned for 30 minutes session of sex is 150. That's right.. 150 calories in 30 minutes. Not only does sex burn energy, it also helps improve circulation. The deep breathing and increased heart rate that happens during a 30-minutes session helps increase the flow of blood to your entire body. It then supplies fresh oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to the brain and other organs.. Lastly, you get better sleep after a 30-minutes session of lovemaking. You would sleep more and restfully because of the relaxing afterglow.."

See? sex is GOOD for you. ;)

Of course, you don't have to convince ME of that..

Thing the second.. I'm looking at various ways to continue my workouts during my lottery weeks. Unfortunately, I don't have the time between draws to do the kung fu classes. So the kung fu practice will be my off-week workouts, and I'm planning on doing three days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

During my lottery weeks, I can take up jogging in the free time I have between draws.. or I'm also considering taking classes from The Art of the Catwalk. There's a pole-dancing class offered there that has caught my eye, AND it's offered Mondays and Tuesdays between draws.

I mean seriously.. have you SEEN the moves they can do? MUSCLE. CONTROL. End of story.

And now for a progress report:
When I made this blog and started posting a week ago (really? only a week? geez where does time go?) I weighed in at *cough185cough*

I've lost 5 lbs.

I've got a lot more to go to reach my realistic-but-seemingly-impossible-goal of 150 (because of my body-style.. any less than that would be stupidly unhealthy-skinny), but I'm considering this a good omen.

I've also almost completely cut soda out of my diet. I still have the occasional Dr. Pepper as a treat.. but it's VERY rare now.

I'm working on revamping my eating habits too. I don't eat BADLY by any stretch of the imagination. But there are things I could do to improve the way I *do* eat. Breakfast for example, has been reintroduced. Often I don't have time to eat a big breakfast, but I've been eating yogurt, or cereal with real fruit with a glass of milk (or juice) in the mornings.

A consequence of this is that I have to keep fruit or nuts with me all the time, because eating breakfast means that I'm STARVING by noon, and ready to kill people if I don't get something to eat by 1.

I'm also looking at trying to make more healthy dinners. This is going to be the hardest part though, because on my Lottery weeks, I do NOT have the time to cook.. and Greg doesn't cook at all. So I'm looking for fast but still healthy options for evening meals.

Also, nothing to eat after 11 pm. No more eating when I get home from lottery. It's too late at night to be eating anyways.

So that's where I stand so far. My next kung-fu class is Monday evening, so look for an update around then. :)

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