Monday, September 21, 2009

Project FitPixie progresses to Stage 2

Now that I've met one goal, it's time to set new ones.

Trying to see if I can break the new weight goal of 150. That's the limit though, any smaller than that would be *too* skinny for me. I'm meant to have all of the curves of a switchback mountain trail.. and I'm not planning on losing them.

I DO want to focus more on muscle tone now that the weight isn't as much of an issue. Overall toning is coming along nicely.. I noticed tonight at kung fu that I can see slight definition across my shoulders now where I couldn't before... and I've started to see more definition across my waistline as well. (meaning that I actually HAVE one now..)

Speaking of Kung Fu. Ninja-training is going well. ;) I'm still working on learning Little Red Fist.. it's going to take me a while, I think. I've got the movement through the stances set to do at the moment.. It's part of the form.. but it's just moving from one stance to the next, to the next.. I have to do it 100 times.. (98 more to go..) before I can proceed. Repetition is the best teacher apparently, and I have to agree. The more I do, the better I get at it.

My flexibility has improved a LOT as well. All of the stretching has become much easier to do, and I'm wanting to push further in that as well. I can *almost* do a full split again..

I've also started the Art of the Catwalk classes back again. I'm trying something this week... we'll see how it goes.. I was originally planning to alternate weeks between the Kung fu and the Catwalk classes.. but I just don't have the time on my Lottery weeks.

So I've got the Pole Basics class on Tuesday and Thursday (the opposite days from Kung Fu) this week. We'll see if I survive. :)

And we'll see if I can meet and beat my new set of goals..