Wednesday, July 9, 2014

sometimes it takes NOT trying so hard..

I mentioned in my last post that I had hit a frustrating plateau with my weighloss and toning goals.
I tried and tried and tried to break that flatline.

and then I stopped trying. I stopped thinking.

I started enjoying.

I stopped worrying about everything I ate.. or didn't eat. About how many steps I had taken, or whether or not I exercised that day.

I started playing.
I played hide and seek with my wee Dragonling, I ran and played and laughed and blew bubbles.
We chase each other around the house and up and down the stairs. We hike together, and during those hikes, I don't pay attention to how much I'm sweating, or how many steps I should be taking. I pay attention to her. To the wonder that she sees in every flower, every ray of sunshine, every raindrop.

I started relaxing and encouraging her to do Yoga with me (flexible little thing.. she makes it look effortless.) Giggling with her when we both fall down on the mats. Relaxing with her on the couch, with her little hand tucked into my shirt, and her head nestled under my chin.

I started teaching her how to cook.
In doing so, I remembered the joy of cooking in the first place. Of tasting and seasoning, of throwing a recipe out the window for the fun of experimentation. Of baking cookies and then licking the spoon, AND the bowl, and then licking the rest off of our fingers. Of the rhythmic meditation of stirring a dish.

you know what else I stopped doing?
I stopped stepping on the scale so often.

and when I did? I noticed a difference.
about 12 lbs worth of one.

Living is fun, if you allow yourself to enjoy it. Sometimes we forget that fact.

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