Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And then life happened...

So. yeah.

A lot has happened. I moved to Atlanta. I had a baby.

Life is moving at mach 12 now, and every time I blink, it seems that another week, another month... has passed by.

On the fitness front, well.. obviously there have been changes.

I haven't found a martial arts class here in Atlanta that doesn't cost more than rent per month to join.

Having a baby has sort of sidelined the whole Project for the time being anyways.

Sort of.

All of the horror stories you hear about having babies?

I guess I'm lucky. Aside from a few tiny stretch-marks, and a serious lack of sleep; I'm actually in BETTER shape after having Samantha than I was before.

it's the breastfeeding.

or something like that anyways. I blame genetics.

I didn't really gain ANY weight while pregnant, a whopping 10 lbs total. Which means technically that I lost weight the entire time. I still maintain my eating habits: Fruits and veggies as often as I can get them, whole grains, lots of milk and proteins.

These are important for me as well as for Sam, as what I eat goes into my milk for her. I probably burn upwards of 800-1200 calories per day, just feeding her. Not to mention the fact that we live in a multi-story house now, so I'm constantly running up and down the stairs.

My ass looks GREAT.

But seriously.

Three months after her birth (!!!) and I'm smaller than ever. All of my pre-preggers clothing is baggy now, which is just the way I like it.

I've finally gotten the energy back to start doing more than daily Yoga, so I've started a belly-dancing routine again.

One step at a time though. One thing pregnancy and childbirth HAS done has seriously impacted my excess energy reserves. I'm hoping to be able to re-tone and build stamina again.

Keeping up with her is only going to get more entertaining from here.